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I. Online Platform 

Starting this year, we have built an online platform to bridge the gap between MIT community and the job market in Asia. Not only will we post interns/full-time job positions from the best employers in Asia all year round, but we will also serve the role of headhunters too. Meanwhile, HRs will have direct contact with registered students/alumni through our online database. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your information/resume at any time during the year. We are inviting all top Asian employers to join us, so please be expecting the list of employers to grow in the upcoming months!

II. Recruiting Event in Spring

MIT Asian Career Fair is the official recruiting event during the spring semester that aims at establishing efficient conversations between employers in Asia and young talents in the US. The 2015 MIT Asian Career Fair will take place at Student Center (Building W20) on March 7, 2015.

We recognize the value of the thriving market in Asia and students’ growing demand for involvement with professional practices there. As a platform connecting Asian industries and ambitious students at top US institutions, the 2015 MIT Asian Career Fair is intended to initiate career opportunities for students and facilitate the development of participating companies.