Liaoyuan is the next-generation service platform for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital in North America. Liaoyuan provides informational and  nancial support for early-stage startups, by connecting investors and startups of the U.S. and China. The Liaoyuan website and mobile app has attracted talents and high quality startup projects from over 100 universities across North America. Liaoyuan has a service line of talent acquisition, startup event planning, IT consulting & software development and incubation for early-stage projects.

Liaoyuan currently has over 50,000 registered personal and institutional members, and has hosted or published over 2,200 startup events in North America with an exposure to over 400,000 Chinese students and local entrepreneurs. Liaoyuan is helping dozens of top VC institutes from U.S. and China by providing investment leads and talent acquisition service. Liaoyuan is headquartered in Boston and has an o ce in Shanghai. Liaoyuan has completed two rounds of funding of over 1.8 million USD and is currently seeking Series A funding.


Panacea is a consumer healthcare startup that manufactures a hands-free simultaneous entire-mouth teeth cleaner that can brush and whiten the teeth in 10 seconds. We believe it will revolutionize the teeth brushing experience for everyone. We have a team of six working on commercializing the prototype and selling it online or via third party vendor. We recently raised half a million dollars from seed investors and are looking for graduates with Electronic Engineering background to join us.

Contact: Shihao Hu



XtalPi is a pharmaceutical technology company that is reinventing the industry’s approach to drug research and development with its Intelligent Digital Drug Discovery and Development (ID4) platform. Through its tightly interwoven quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, and high-performance cloud computing algorithms, the ID4 platform enables pharmaceutical companies to increase their efficiency, accuracy, and success rate at critical stages of drug R&D. By accelerating the pace of drug development, XtalPi aims to contribute to a healthier society for patients worldwide.

Founded in 2014 by a group of quantum physicists at MIT, XtalPi has since grown into an elite team of researchers with multi-disciplinary expertise in physics, chemistry, drug development, and algorithm design. XtalPi has received much recognition for its cutting-edge technologies, its innovative solutions, and the breadth of potential applications of its offerings across the pharmaceutical value chain, which has allowed it to gain industry approval and establish strategic partnerships with several top international pharmaceutical companies. Its recently completed Series B funding round through Sequoia, Tencent, and Google makes XtalPi one of the best-funded AI companies in biotechnology.


Xiangxiang is the fast growing platform in authenticated used luxury goods trading.


We’re authentic.

We ensure that every item on XiangXiang is 100% the real thing, thanks to our dedicated team of authentication experts, horologists and gemologists. We know exactly how to tell real from counterfeit, from the quality of the leather to the zipper manufacturer.


We do services.

We are running unique  B2C business model will ensure that we can send what you want right away. We treat every customer as our best partner and constantly evolving and innovating to bring you the ultimate luxury experience.


Friendly pricing goods.

Our buyer team all around the world will make sure XiangXiang a competitive price among all other competitors. We hope our customers enjoying the real value of luxury goods and bringing the high-quality lifestyle to more people.


We’re passionate.

We celebrate artists, designers and quality craftsmanship. We know the luxury consumer experience isn’t just about buying designer items, but also reconsigning them, sharing them with someone who will treasure them as much as you do. We’re fully committed to our business, our customers and our consignors. That’s why we work hard and we love what we do.

XKool Tech

XKool Tech, is a tech - based startup founded in 2016 , focuses on applying Artificial Intelligence solution to architectural design and urban planning. Our founding team is composed of a senior architect from OMA (Wanyu HE), a senior engineer from Google (Chun LI) and a senior cross - over designer (Xiaodi YANG). Other core team members all have excellent overseas education and career backgrounds in architecture, technology, physics , etc.

BrainCo Inc.

1. Company Introduction
BrainRobotics is currently developing high performance smart prosthetic hands and is aiming to lower the traditional prosthetic price an order of magnitude to $3,000. The BrainRobotics team is comprised of engineers from MIT and other top universities. We currently focus on developing the next generation electromyography controlled smart prostheses. With BrainRobotics’ technology, people are in control to live a wonderful life.

2. Product Highlight

The BrainRobotics team develops advanced machine learning algorithms and utilizes multi-channel muscle signal detection devices to allow amputees to intuitively control our prosthetic hands.

Traditional prostheses have an integrated design that is vulnerable to damage. To solve this problem, our team is working on a modular mechanical design. It allows users to easily replace only the broken components without having to purchase an entirely new hand. Such modular designs will significantly reduce the cost of using prosthetic hands.  

Our team is also applying 3D scanning and printing technologies to make sockets that accommodate individual differences. Such designs allow for seamless contact between the sensors within the socket and the residual limb for high performance signal detection. Such personalized designs also allow added comfortability for amputees to wear our prostheses for longer periods of time.

3. Social impact

The BrainRobotics team’s mission is to develop state-of-the-art technologies to benefit those who need them the most. Our intuitively controlled prosthetic product is comfortable and affordable, and can be a life changer to those who suffer from loss of limb. We would like to see amputees around the world regain the ability to control their hands and enjoy an improved quality of life.

4. Slogan

Touch The Future


As a global platform, hooli offers real estate services including payment transactions, asset management, property, investment and related inquires. hooli also uses data-driven methods to provide clients with dynamic information regarding finance, property real, and real estate.

To accommodate the platform, hooli has established branches in major cities in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, etc, while more branches are expected to be set up in other countries.

Hooli brings together elite teams specialized in real estate analysis, investment, and sales around the world. With a wealth of experience in real estate trade and financial investments, hooli is committed to providing every client with a professional, effective, safe and considerate service experience.

Learnable is a human-centered Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company located in Boston. Based on our core technologies of Deep Reinforcement Learning, Explainable AI, and Teachable AI, we bring personalized intelligent tutor, automatic paper-grading solutions, and visual interpretation service to the education market, and also intelligent Chinese medical robot to the health market.

ABclonal Technology

Based in Massachusetts, ABclonal is a dynamic and growing provider of biology research reagents, tools, and CRO services. With scientists from world-famous universities such as Harvard and MIT, we thrive to improve the quality of life science research by providing high-quality products, including antibodies, proteins, and ELISA kits.

ABclonal Technology has a comprehensive prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein expression system, advanced mouse monoclonal antibody production system and a fourth-generation rabbit monoclonal antibody technology. Our advanced technology allows the development of in vitro diagnostic products and customized IVD materials used in the early research and development of raw materials development services. Our clients span across the globe, including internationally renowned corporations, such as Novartis, Genetek, BGI Genomics, Novogene, 3DMed, and Maxim.