ACF 2017 Participating Companies

ACF 2017 committee is proud to work with the following companies and educational institutes.  


Gold Sponsor



BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., founded in April 1993, is a supplier of internet of things technologies, products and services. BOE’s three core businesses are Display Device, Smart System and Healthcare Service. BOE’s products are widely used in a broad spectrum of applications such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook, monitor, TV, vehicle display, digital information display, healthcare, finance, and wearable devices.


Silver Sponsors


Apple, Inc.

Apple revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, the Mac and Apple Watch. Apple’s three software platforms — iOS, OS X and watchOS — provide seamless experiences across all Apple devices and empower people with breakthrough services including the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay and iCloud. Apple’s 100,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it.

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BrainCo, Inc.

BrainCo is a Boston-based startup which specializes in BMI (brain machine interface) wearables to help people improve focus and enhance productivity. BrainCo was among Harvard Innovation Lab and was a member of MIT Ventureships Club. BrainCo has won multiple venture projects and competitions.


MyJobTank, Inc.

Co-headquartered in Shanghai and New York, My Job Tank matches Chinese-speaking, globally-savvy talent with employer partners who are world leaders in their field.


Ping An Technology

Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ping An of China"), born in Shekou of Shenzhen in 1988, is the first Chinese insurance company to adopt a shareholding structure. To now, Ping An has developed into a leading integrated financial services group with insurance, banking and investment businesses, ranking 41st among Global 500 for 2016 and No.1 among non-state-owned enterprises of China's mainland.


Decathlon China

Decathlon Group founded in France in 1976, which invents a new concept--an all under one–roof sports store dedicated to sport. The Group has set foot in two major fields. It is a global designer and brand initiator, as well as a retailer of sporting goods, with integrated R&D, design, brand planning, production, logistics and sales.


Country Garden

Country Garden is a property development company based in Guangdong Province, China, owned by Yang Guoqiang's family. In 2011, it was named one of Forbes Asia’s Fab Top 50 Companies. Country Garden boasts a market capitalization of over US$8 billion as of 2014; with more than 200 high-end township developments throughout China, Malaysia and Australia among its vast international project portfolio. To date, the company has sold properties to over 1,500,000 homeowners and employ above 70,000 people worldwide.


Liepinwang is the largest mid-senior level professional & talent platform in China. It is founded on June 18th of 2011. Currently it has a database of over 33 millions of experienced professionals. Its innovative business model connects talents, businesses and headhunters forming a full service ranging from information to key milestone delivery until the final offer. It provides outstanding service to businesses as well as talents using its own GCDC (Global Career Development Center) team as well as 250,000+ headhunters registered. By now, it has served more than 500,000 companies. It has branch offices in 15 top cities in China covering broad industries. Liepin North America operations aiming at helping Chinese companies going global.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have established a Joint Institute in Shanghai, with a commitment to build a world class academic institution, based on the U.S. research university model. The UM-SJTU Joint Institute invites applications for tenure-track (rank open) positions, in all emerging fields related to Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Material Science and Engineering.

The School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering (SEIEE) invites applications for tenure-track Assistant Professor positions at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the following thrust areas:  Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, and Cyber Space Security.


Xi'an Jiaotong University

Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) is a key university which is directly administered by the Chinese Education Ministry and is one of the oldest current institutions of higher education in China. The predecessor of XJTU was Nanyang College, which was founded in 1896 in Shanghai and renamed Jiaotong University in 1921.


Northwestern Polytechnical University

NPU is located in ancient capital city of Xi’an, China. NPU is classed as a key university in China’s 985 and 211 Projects, and is affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is also a member of the “Excellent Union 9 (E9)” in China.


Xidian University

Xidian University (Xidian for short), under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, is one of the national key universities which have National Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform, and which are supported by the 211 Project.


Shaanxi Normal University

Founded in 1944 and located in the world-famous historical city of Xi’an, Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU) is directly administrated by the Ministry of Education of China and is a key university in China’s “211 Project".


Chang'an University

Directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Chang'an University is one of the State "211 Project" key development universities jointly run by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Land Resources, Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Construction and Shaanxi Provincial Government. It is concurrently one of the key development universities on the State “985” Project advantage discipline innovation platform.


Northwest University

Northwest University (NWU) can trace its origins back to Shaanxi Imperial College and Peking Imperial College in 1902. The University received its current name in 1912, which was designated as one of the national key universities in Xi’an, middle of Guanzhong Plain. NWU has been selected as one of the leading universities sponsored by the national “211 Project”. Currently, NWU is under the joint administration of the Ministry of Education and Shaanxi province.


Xi'an University of Technology

Xi'an University of Technology (XUT) is a comprehensive public university featuring mainly in science and technology, which is jointly constructed by the Shaan'xi provincial and central government. Our university was founded in 1949. It was known as Shaanxi Institute of Mechanical Engineering before January 1994, which was established by combining Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Shaanxi Polytechnic University in 1972.


Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology

Located in the ancient city of Xi'an, XAUAT (Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology) is one of the eight well-known architecture and civil engineering universities in China and the key university affiliated to the former Ministry of Metallurgy. XAUAT started from the earliest Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environment majors in China and boasted a history of 120 years. Ever since its founding in 1956, XAUAT has developed into a multidisciplinary university specialized in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, Municipal Engineering, Material Science, Metallurgy and other related disciplines and featured by the coordinated development of Humanities, Science, Economics, Management, Art and Law.



Xi'an Medical University


Shaanxi University of Science and Technology

Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (SUST) is a multidisciplinary university featuring light industry research. SUST is supported by National University Basic Ability Construction Project- Mid and West, Shaanxi Province Advanced Level University Construction Project during the 12th Five Year Plan. SUST has developed 6 provincial level key disciplines, 17 research centers of national and ministry level, 1 discipline supported by Shaanxi Province Social Science Construction Project.


Xi'an University of Science and Technology

Xi’an University of Science and Technology is an engineering-featured key university with multidisciplinary blend of engineering, science, literature, management, law, economics and art. XUST is a one of the top universities in Shaanxi Prvince and Mid-West China, supported by State Administration of Work Safety and Shaanxi Prvincial Government. XUST is one of the universities for Prominent Engineer Training Unit of Ministry of Education of China, and the Infrastructure Construction and Engineering Project of Mid-West China. With two campus at downtown Xi’an and Lintong County respectively and a total area of 108 million square meters, there are 18 schools and departments .


Xi'an Shiyou University

Xi’an Shiyou University (XSYU) was founded in 1951, the first institute specialized in petroleum and petrochemical engineering, a unique university in northwest china characterized by petroleum and petro-chemistry.XSYU consists of 13 colleges and 4 departments. The university has 1,600 staff members, including 1000 full-time teachers. XSYU is fully reinforced on scientific research. Since 2009, the university has undertaken more than 165 scientific research programs, including the “State 863 Programs”, the “State 973 Programs”, the State Natural and Science Fund Programs, the State Social Science Fund Programs, and other high-level scientific research programs. The total scientific research fund in the recent three years is over RMB 300 million.


Xi'an Polytechnic University

Xi'an Polytechnic University is located the world-famous historical and cultural ancient capital city of Xi’an. Carrying more than 100 years of history, XPU is classed as one of the "Excellent engineer training program" universities implemented by the Ministry of Education. It is also a member of construction of high-level universities of Shaanxi Province, a member of the first batch of universities approved of 2011 Cooperative Innovational Center of Shaanxi Province, a post-doctoral innovation base of Shaanxi Province.


Xi'an Technological University

  Xi’an Technological University, co-constructed by the Shaanxi provincial government, Chinese State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and China North Industries Group, is one of the high-level universities under the key construction of Shaanxi province. It has a complete academic training system for bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorate degree, and occupies centers for post-doctoral studies.


Xi'an International Studies University

Xi'an International Studies University (XISU) is known as one of the four earliest institutions devoted to foreign language education in China, and the only one of its kind that has complete offerings in major foreign language programs in Northwestern China. In 2013, XISU was entitled to offer doctoral degrees in foreign languages and literature. In 2014, XISU was approved to establish its post-doctoral research station. For six decades, XISU has successfully developed from a foreign language specialized institution into a multi-disciplinary university that highlights foreign language education, humanities, social studies, management, and science.


Northwest University of Politics and Law

       Located in the time-honored city of Xi’an, Northwest University of Politics & Law is a multi-disciplinary institution of higher education characterized of law education together with a broad array of disciplines such as philosophy, economics, management, and literature. It is a base of great importance for training nationwide law talents, the centre of law studies in northwest China, and also a significant base for studies of humanities and social sciences in Shaanxi province. Rooted in Shaanxi, oriented to Northwest region, and serving the whole nation, NWUPL has cultivated and is cultivating a great number of talents to serve China’s socialist construction in the fields of law, economics, philosophy, arts and engineering.


Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine

       Located in the time-honored city of Xi’an, Northwest University of Politics & Law is a multi-disciplinary institution of higher education characterized of law education together with a broad array of disciplines such as philosophy, economics, management, and literature. It is a base of great importance for training nationwide law talents, the centre of law studies in northwest China, and also a significant base for studies of humanities and social sciences in Shaanxi province. Rooted in Shaanxi, oriented to Northwest region, and serving the whole nation, NWUPL has cultivated and is cultivating a great number of talents to serve China’s socialist construction in the fields of law, economics, philosophy, arts and engineering.

Baoji University of Arts and Sciences

BUAS is located in Baoji, the heart of China. BUAS, with 58 years of history and tradition since 1958, with its motto Learning, Rationality, Morality and Capability, has progressed in parallel with the development of Baoji. BUAS is the most prestigious institution of higher learning in Baoji, Shaanxi, China The University comprises 2 campuses, 18 faculties, offering 66 undergraduate degree programs and 29 master degree programs in 10 academic disciplines. The University is now home to more than 21,000 full-time students and over 1,300 faculty members. In 2008, BUAS was awarded the National Outstanding University in Undergraduate Teaching of Institutions of Higher Learning by the Ministry of Education.


Online Sponsors



NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES) is a leading internet technology company in China and has been the frontrunner in the industry in developing internet applications, services and other technologies.

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Compass Energy Pte Ltd



Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Driven by responsible operations, ongoing innovation, and open collaboration, we have established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecom and enterprise networks, devices, and cloud computing. Our ICT solutions, products, and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world's population. With more than 170,000 employees, Huawei is committed to enabling the future information society, and building a Better Connected World.






Woodpecker Education


Gotion Inc.

Gotion Inc. is based in Fremont, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley California. It is a fast growing company that aims to innovate in the electric vehicle technology (lithium batteries and related systems) with the goal of accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge battery powered transportation worldwide and achieving sustainable development.


Panton INC.

Panton Inc. was founded in October 2013 in Houston, Texas, by Dr. Frank Li, a distinguished mathematician and statistician with a vision to converge emerging technology to disrupt the conventional business process with efficiency, immediacy, intuitiveness and connectivity.


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