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WeChat: Product Philosophy and Mobile Innovation

Time: 03/06/2015, Friday, 2pm - 3:30pm

Venue: 56-114

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WeChat: Product Philosophy and Mobile Innovation

WeChat has grown from one of the world's leading messaging apps into the mobile lifestyle platform of choice for hundreds of millions of users. Genie Lin (Director of WeChat's Product Center) and Stephen Wang (Director, User Growth and Engagement at WeChat) will share WeChat's core product development philosophy and recent innovations.


Genie Lin 林倩雅


  • Director, WeChat Product Center at Tencent

  • Co-Founding Member of WeChat team

  • Masters in Computer Science, City Univ. of Hong Kong

  • Research Student (Computer Science), Harvard Univ.

Stephen Wang

  • Director, User Growth and Engagement for WeChat at Tencent

  • Co-Founder/CTO/Former Head of Rotten Tomatoes

  • Graduate of University of California, Berkeley in Computer Science