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OPT/CPT Intro by OPT4America.org




Danielle Guichard-Ashbrook (Head and Associate Dean of ISO)

Gustavo Bottan (Founder of OPT4America.org) 

About OPT4America.org

OPT4America.org was formed to retain foreign talent in the United States and empower the formation of early stage start-ups while promoting a global mindset. Our mission is to channel graduates to entrepreneurial organizations and help the graduates and the organizations they work for with coaching, education, and mentoring.

In this presentation we will discuss the genesis of OPT4America.org, the Optional Practical Training (OPT) path to gaining work experience in the US - benefits, procedures, and consequences of using it; the programs we are currently launching, how to register with OPT4America.org, and the advantages of participating in our partners’ and our OPT based internships.

About Gustavo

Gustavo is a 1996 MIT Sloan Fellows graduate with a 30+ year’s career in engineering, sales/marketing, strategy, and business development. He has held positions in global corporations and in early stage start-ups, conducting business around the world.

Gustavo has also started two consulting businesses, and is the founder of OPT4America.org.

He has developed educational programs for international students, and a broad network with governments, private sector, recruitment entities, academia, and with the innovation and entrepreneurial sector in the greater Boston area. He has lived in Argentina, Sweden, the United States, Italy, and most recently worked in China, interacting in 6 languages. As an immigrant of many years to the United States himself, Gustavo has a keen understanding of the many aspects of adaptation to American cultural and work practices, which he shares as a volunteer mentor to students and start-ups. 

For more information please visit: http://www.OPT4America.org

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This event is sponsored by MIT-CHIEF and MIT Asian Career Fair.