Quanta Computer Recruitment


Company Name: Quanta Computer

Title: Digital Multimedia SOC Designer

Lowest Degree: Bachelor

Limit: Due Date 03/31/2015



No.211, Wenhua 2nd Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 33377, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


1. IC designers for digital multimedia SOC for USB protocol and for MIPI and other peripheral integration.

2. FAE Leader: to meet the ever increasing need for supporting the first tier customers.

3. CAD tool engineer: Upgrade the work station, improve the design flow, work with EDA tool suppliers and IP providers.

4. Back-end integration engineer: Set up back end integration flow, co-work with design service and fulfill the system requirements.


1. Should be very versed in RTL design, ARM based SOC architecture, design flow as well as validation.

2. Should have digital SOC design experience and also possess Linux experience, willing to with customers and bring back customers technical feedback to designers to help the design more robust.

3. Should pass the Linux certification for work station upgrade and maintenance, versed in Script writing to improve the design flow and be able to help IP test and qualification.

4. Should have several real MP experience and versed in back-end process such as DFT, timing analysis, pin sequence and packaging constrains etc

Contact: Mia_Wang@quantatw.com