Our Services

The following is a list of services we will provide to the participating employers:

I. Online Resume Database

An interactive resume database, which companies can access anytime in the participating year to send out interview invitations.

II. Pre-Fair Marketing

Using social media platforms to enhance the impact of the registered companies and attract talents to participate.

III. Booth Fair

One-day open platform for employers to interact face-to-face with candidates.

IV. Info Session

In-depth information presentations from the employer directed at interested applicants and the student community in general. Publicity & venues provided.

V. Interview Session

Direct conversation between employers and job applicants with instant feedback. Venues provided.

VI. Post-Fair Publicity Service

Participating companies will receive complimentary services in the participating year for recruitment publicity, info session arrangement, and reception for visiting employers.


For more information, please see our information package.

For frequently asked questions, please contact us for the password to FAQ page.

For photos and video publicity of previous events, please refer to Past Event.


Levels of Sponsorship

We have 4 different levels of sponsorship. Please email us at asiancareerfair@mit.edu for further inquiry.