Our Team

  Xiaoyuan Ren, President

Xiaoyuan Ren, President

Xiaoyuan Ren, Co-President

Master's Student in Environmental Engineering

  Yi Ding, President

Yi Ding, President

Yi Ding, Co-President

PhD Student in Materials Science and Engineering

  Chu Ma, VP

Chu Ma, VP

Chu Ma, Vice President

PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering

  Haizheng Zhang,   VP

Haizheng Zhang, VP

Haizheng Zhang, Vice President

Master's Student in Civil Engineering


Former Team for Asian Career Fairs


2014 Asian Career Fair Executive Team

President Kai Pan

Director of Administration Dong Guan

Director of Volunteers Yang Liu 

Director of Operations Beipeng Mu

Co-Director of Logistics Lu YangYi Ding

Director of Employer Relations Xiaoyuan Ren 

Co-Director of Publicity Chu MaHaizheng Zhang 

Treasurer Helen Xie

Officers of Employer Relations Zhuyun GuShuyue Liu, Renze Wang 

Officers of Publicity Chi ZhangDafu Zhang, Yanjia Liu 

Advisory Board Yangying ZhuYi Huang, Sisi Ni, Yusheng Qi, Wen Sang, Anqi (Angel) Yang


Our Location

MIT is located on the north shore of the Charles River Basin in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The campus is within 3 miles of two major interstate highways, less than 6 miles from a major international airport, and is accessible via public transportation. MIT is a 15–30 minute walk from downtown Boston (depending on the weather). MIT is a 30–40 minute walk from Harvard University (located just up the river from the MIT campus).


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139,

United States


Mailing Address

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Building NE46-614

Cambridge, MA, 02139

United States



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