Xi'an Technological University

xi'an technological

Xi’an Technological University, co-constructed by the Shaanxi provincial government, Chinese State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and China North Industries Group, is one of the high-level universities under the key construction of Shaanxi province. It has a complete academic training system for bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorate degree, and occupies centers for post-doctoral studies.

    The university has a faculty and staff of over 1,750, postgraduate students of more than 1,510, and undergraduates of over 19,000.

  There are 14 academic units in the university, including 3 first-level disciplines – “optical engineering”, “materials science and engineering” and “mechanical engineering” – are accredited to confer doctorial degrees, and 3 centers for post-doctoral studies. Currently, there are 14 first-level disciplines authorized to confer Master’s degree, 5 categories of specialized Master’s degree conferment, 18 subject areas of specialized Master’s degree authorization, and 55 undergraduate programs. The subjects cover 8 discipline categories, including engineering, natural science, management, economics, law, literature, education and arts.