Baoji University of Arts and Sciences

Welcome Message from the President

Greetings and welcome to Baoji University of Arts and Sciences (BUAS)!

BUAS is located in Baoji, the heart of China. BUAS, with 58 years of history and tradition since 1958, with its motto Learning, Rationality, Morality and Capability, has progressed in parallel with the development of Baoji. BUAS is the most prestigious institution of higher learning in Baoji, Shaanxi, China The University comprises 2 campuses, 18 faculties, offering 66 undergraduate degree programs and 29 master degree programs in 10 academic disciplines. The University is now home to more than 21,000 full-time students and over 1,300 faculty members. In 2008, BUAS was awarded the National Outstanding University in Undergraduate Teaching of Institutions of Higher Learning by the Ministry of Education.

We have a strong and reputable team of faculty members. Among its 1,300 staff members, 980 are teaching faculty. Senior professional and technical personnel account for over 30% of the total. They are not only engaged at the frontiers of teaching and research, but also are creating opportunities for our students to be mentored in all phases of the learning and research process.

Compared with BUAS, Baoji is an ancient city with 2,770 years history. Baoji is the collection of modern knowledge and the ancient Chinese culture. When King David of Israel unified Israel and Judah and then established their capital in Jerusalem, here stepped in bronze civilization era. China Bronze Ware Museum which is located on the West side of campus still holds more than 13,000 bronze treasures unearthed from this period. He Zun, the earliest and oldest known artifact to contain the written Chinese characters "Middle Kingdom/China”, is one of the most representative bronze wares. When Romulo brothers built the city of Rome, the Qin Dynasty was developed simultaneously and grew stronger, finally unifying all of China. The well-known Terracotta Warriors is a two-hour drive away from here. This is a place holding ancient culture from 3000 years ago, ready for you to explore the evolutional footprints of human development. Here is also a treasured place with graceful scenery and environmental amenities. BUAS campuses neighbors the Qin Ling Mountains in the South which is also called the South-North Water Diversion of China. In the North we border the Wei River, the largest tributary of the Yellow River, which is one of the most suitable resources for city habitation in China.

As the president of BUAS, I am honored to serve this wonderful scholar community composed of distinguished faculty and talented students. Driven by the commitment to educational excellence, constant pursuit of knowledge and visionary thinking, BUAS will continue to be a preeminent place for learning, research and training. I invite you to join us in that pursuit and make the most of your time here as you advance your career goals!

Professor Si Xiaohong


Baoji University of Arts and Sciences

BUAS in a Nutshell

- Founded in 1958, a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary university located in Baoji, Shaanxi, China

- 21,000 degree students and 1,300 staff in 12 faculties and 5 departments

- 66 bachelor degrees and 29 master degrees

- Core fields of research and education: teacher education, physics, chemistry, geography, engineering and Chinese language

- Awarded the National Outstanding University in Undergraduate Teaching by the Ministry of Education in 2008

- Granted to award the master degrees by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council in 2013

- Aim to renew Baoji University in 2020

History at a Glance

- 1958: Establishment of Baoji University (award bachelor degree)

- 1963: The University was closed due to the state economic difficulties

- 1975: Establishment of Baoji branch campus, Shaanxi Normal University

- 1978: Changed its name as Baoji Teacher Training College

- 1984: Re-establishment of Baoji University

- 1992: Merging of Baoji University and Baoji Teacher Training College into Baoji University of Arts & Sciences

Core fields and programs

Staff profile


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BUAS Motto & Emblem

BUAS Motto: Learning, Rationality, Morality,

Learning: Expansion of knowledge

Rationality: Exploration of truth

Morality: Aspiration for moral integrity

Capability: Acquisition of all-round abilities

Teaching & Research

- 1 national distinguished major: physics

- 2 provincial philosophy and social science research bases: Zhou-Qin ethical culture and modern moral values research center, Guanlong dialect and folk-custom research center

- 3 provincial brand majors: chemistry, Chinese language and literature, mathematics & applied mathematics

- 3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers: chemistry, physics, geography

- 5 provincial distinguished majors: pedagogy, physics, geography science, business administration, pharmaceutical engineering

- 6 provincial key disciplines: philosophy, Chinese language and literature, chemistry, geography, mathematics, physics

International Cooperation

1. Staff mobility

- Visiting scholars: BUAS sends its staff to the overseas universities to conduct cooperative research with oversea partners in a particular field (1 month-1 year)

- Visiting Professors: BUAS invites distinguished oversea professors to join BUAS to strengthen its faculty capacity

- Staff training: BUAS sends teachers abroad for 3-4 weeks training

2. Students’ mobility

- Studying abroad program: BUAS sends students to American partner universities (1 semester-1 year)

- Exchange program: BUAS sends students to South Korean partner universities (1 semester-1 year)

- 2+2/1+2+1 program: BUAS cooperates with American universities to grant dual bachelor degrees

- Work and travel USA program: BUAS sends students to America every summer to work and travel

- Summer/winter school: BUAS sends its students to overseas partner universities to attend school for 2-3 weeks, or BUAS invites students from partner universities to attend school for 2-3 weeks in Baoji

- Cultural program: BUAS sends teachers and students to overseas countries for a short term

3. International students’ admission

- Chinese Language and culture course: 1 month -1 year: BUAS holds exchange students from South Korea.

4. International conference

- BUAS supports its staff and students to attend international conferences in China and abroad

- BUAS holds international conferences on campus and invites researchers from China and abroad to attend the conference. I.e. Zhou-Qin Ethical Culture and Modern Moral Values International Conference, Dialect Research International Conference

Campus in a city with rich Chinese history: Baoji

- Locates in the heart of China, with a history of over 2,770 years

- The birthplace of the Chinese ancestor Yandi (5,000 years ago)

- The hometown of Chinese folk arts and crafts

- The birthplace of the Zhou-Qin (Dynasties) culture

- The hometown of Bronze wares in China

- The hometown of famous Buddhist shrine - Famen Temple

- The junction of “Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone”

- Titanium Valley in China

Contact us

Phone: +86 917

Fax: +86 917 3566300


Add.: No. 1 Hi-Tech Avenue, Baoji, Shaanxi, China 721013 (New campus)



Work-Types offered: Part-time

Industries: Electronics, education

Majors looking for: Automation Science and Electrical Engineering , education , International education policy

Class Years looking for: Any year

Citizenships looking for: all

Degrees looking for: Ph.D.